A Short Debate

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Every summer, like clockwork, my boyfriend and I have a fight. A stupid, asinine, ridiculous argument. An argument over what you may ask? Shorts. Yes, the fact that I don’t wear shorts is an issue of contention every time summer draws near. Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

I don’t like shorts on myself. Period. I don’t like how they creep up and I don’t like their tendency to travel (to put it delicately). I don’t like how often times, and length depending, they cut me off at the thickest part of my legs. Not flattering! Shorts also reveal the cursed cellulite, and as my friend was kind enough to point out in this annual debate, when you sit down shorts illustrate your thighs spreading out. Awesome! Instead, I opt for figure flattering, and feminine dresses and skirts. They cover everything I would much rather conceal, while making me look pulled together. I see nothing wrong with this, but my boyfriend would prefer me in shorts. And not just shorts, “shorts with sneakers.” *cringes*

I subscribe to the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” logic. I am perfectly content with my dresses and skirts. I enjoy dressing up a little, and yet I’m really comfortable. Occasionally I mix it up with rompers, a shorts compromise, if you will. I love the look of shorts on other girls, those brave (tiny) souls. I have a lot of friends who don’t wear shorts, for a multitude of reasons, which leaves  me curious…

So, dear readers, I have to ask. Help me put this issue to bed-finally. Do you wear shorts? How about shorts with sneakers? Or are you like me and prefer dresses and skirts in the warmer months?

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14 Responses to A Short Debate

  1. Sam says:

    I love shorts! Omg, I couldn’t live without them.

  2. Shane (the bf) says:

    1. Nice post. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step.
    2. The ‘shorts with sneakers’ was mentioned once. Although shorts with a cute pair of tennis shoes is appropriate for countless activities.
    3. The argument inevitably starts when you’re wearing LEGGINGS when it is way too hot for pants of any sort. Make no mistake, this is not shorts vs. skirts/dresses battle, this is shorts vs. summer-pants.
    4. Shorts are versatile, durable, and comfortable.
    5. Millions of dollars in engineering go into manufacturing shorts that don’t have ‘a tendency to travel’. I have seen you in shorts (albeit rarely) and they look great.

  3. Rachel says:

    I must admit I love shorts too. (and I do wear them with tennis shoes) I like knowing that they won’t blow up…

    Love your blog!

  4. Maggie says:

    Give me shorts or give me death. I despise pants. To be clear, I love skirts too…


  5. Maggie says:

    Give me shorts or give me death. I despise pants. To be clear, I do love skirts too…


  6. Danielle says:

    I never used to wear shorts. I was against them for all the reasons you cite. In particular, I have really ugly knees. I know we are not supposed to body hate, but really, I’m comfortable admitting the truth: my knees are numby and dimply and no matter how in shape I am, they are just not cute.

    But two summers ago, I broke down and got a few pairs and just tried not to think about my knees. And yes, on occasion, I did rock them with converse/chucks.

    I still don’t love the look. I still hate my knees. But I do wear shorts here and there.

  7. amyg says:

    I think certainly shorts can be cute. The romper is a great option.
    But for me , I have to say I feel more comfortable in skirts!

  8. Jenny says:

    Shorts and sneakers are a terrible combo unless you have a body like Serena Williams to pull it off. And, really, who has a body like Serena Williams? I personally hate shorts. I’ll wear a dress (I hate skirts, too- they just make my hips look bigger) or pants. I, too, have arguments about this topic because Sam gets annoyed with my refusal to wear shorts. It makes her uncomfortable to see me wearing jeans when it’s so hot out, to which I say they’re my legs. I’ll do with them as I please.

  9. Ash says:

    I wear both. I have to say, my boyfriend is just like yours, though he prefers heels over sneakers. I wear the combo sometimes, but on casual date nights because he likes the look so much.

    When it comes to shorts, I am so picky. I have most of the problems you mentioned, especially the one where they ride up between the legs. And then it’s often difficult for me to figure out what to wear with them. So I don’t choose lightly and when I find a pair I love I usually go back for more shades.

    This is is the first summer I’ve worn skirts, and my favourite style has to be the high waisted, short & floaty ones with a belt and t-shirt. Really having fun with that look :)

  10. Teri Roughen says:

    I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts much more. I think, especially as you get older and your legs aren’t what they used to be, one should not wear shorts. If I wear them, I wear a longer version (J.crew has great ones). And I wear sandals, but never sneakers.
    I like seeing women, ladies, girls wearing dresses. It’s more feminine as you said, and shorts are very tricky to pull off. Love your great post ideas Bre!

  11. Kathy M says:

    As I’m reading and commenting I’m wearing homemade jorts, which I can’t get enough of. No sneakers though – I’m too short.

  12. I hate shorts. As for working out, I prefer the cute cropped legging or as my husband likes to call them, football pants. They make me look short and are unflattering unless you are 5″10 and a size 2! I love skirts and dresses! Way more feminine

  13. Kathy says:

    I am wearing jorts as I type this. I made them and I love them! No sneakers though, I’m too short.

  14. Shane (the bf) says:

    Victory is mine!

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