Beauty Transgressions

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I’m not proud of it but I still continue to do it. I do it in class. I do it while I’m on the phone. I do it while I have a face to face conversation with my mom {sorry Mom I really am listening}. I may or may not be doing it right now. What is it I do? I look for split ends and snap them off with my fingers. Sometimes I even get out the scissors. Yes, I get regular trims, but I still find some frayed ends and I make quick work of them right then and there. Occasionally when I’m in class, I look around the room and I see others doing it as well {strength in numbers? Or is it the power of suggestion? Like yawning}. I know it’s bad for my hair, as it can cause further breakage and damage. I know my hair stylists would prefer I get a proper trim and leave the “cutting” to the professionals. But I can’t seem to stop! If I counted up the hours I’ve accumulated over the years picking at my hair…ugh. I don’t even want to go there. So, as the true to form Gemini I am, I’m curious. What’s your beauty sin? We all have one {or several}. None of us are perfect. Do you pick at your skin? Sleep with your makeup on? Brush your hair while it’s wet? Confess them here. I hear talk that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Let the healing begin!

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3 Responses to Beauty Transgressions

  1. amyg says:

    I am always looking at my split ends too! Another is, sadly, picking at my eyelashes. I know its bad, but a hard habit to break :(

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  3. […] I suggest nipping these beauty sins in the bud. I’m working on those […]

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