BreBeauty Makeup Breakdown: Beyonce

In this post I breakdown Beyonce’s makeup from the 2011 MTV VMAs

Beyonce VMAs Makeup Look 1

What you’ll need:

Beyonce VMAs Makeup Look 2

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  1. Moisturize and use NARS primer to prep your skin for makeup. Using a foundation brush, apply your NARS Sheer Matte foundation from the center of your face, blending downward and outward. Apply concealer with a concealer brush or use your fingers to blend over and under the eyes and wherever additional coverage is needed. Using a large fluffy brush, set your makeup completely with NARS pressed powder.
  2. Using a powder brush apply bronzer wherever the sun would hit you naturally. Blend it over your temples, cheekbones, and chin in a 3 shape alongside your face. Blend it over your forehead, nose, and neck as well. Smile to find the round, fleshy, apple of your cheeks and apply your Silvana blush, blending softly up into the hairline for a natural, golden flush.
  3. Using a synthetic bristle brush or clean finger, apply NARS Cream Shadow in Corfu all over the eyelid stopping just slightly above and into the crease.
  4. Using a fluffy, natural bristle brush, apply Lola Lola eyeshadow on top of the Corfu. Use a clean, blending brush to blend the two eye shadows together until you achieve the desired shape and effect. You want the majority of the color to be localized on the lid and just slightly above it.
  5. Using the NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Pencil, starting at the outer lashes and working your way in, apply a thin line to the upper lash line, getting thinner as you reach the inner corner and tear duct. You really want to deposit the product at the base of the lashes, making the lashes look thick and lush and further defining the eye.
  6. Using the NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, apply a thin line to the lower lash line and wetline, smudging into between the lashes as you go. Use a pencil brush to blend the shadow into the lower lash line, smudging the product into the lower lashes, smoking out the line to achieve the desired effect. Make sure you highlight the inner tear duct for an eye opening effect.
  7. Curl your lashes with a metal eyelash curler. Get as far back to the eyelid as possible (without pinching!) and pump the curler for ten seconds to really lock in the curl. Apply NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing mascara to the upper and lower lashes, getting as far back to the root of the lashes as possible for a thick, rich look.
  8. Use a synthetic bristle angle brush to lightly fill in your brows with NARS eye shadow in Blondie, you’re creating a shadow effect, the illusion that there is slightly more hair.
  9. Line and fill in your lips with NARS Fantasia Lip Pencil. The lip pencil provides a base for the lipgloss and gives it something to adhere to, making it last longer and preventing the dreaded ring around the lip look.
  10. Apply NARS Lipgloss in Giza to add sheer color and high shine and to complete the Beyonce 2011 MTV VMAs makeup look.
Beyonce VMAs Makeup Look 3

Did you watch this year’s VMAs? What did you think of Beyonce’s performance? Would you wear this natural and pretty makeup look?

Any celebrity makeup breakdowns you would like to see in the future? Leave me a comment or send me an email!

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7 Responses to BreBeauty Makeup Breakdown: Beyonce

  1. Beyonce is so gorgeous. Thanks for letting me fantasize at least for a few minutes that I could look like her if I followed her beauty routine! Ha. I did watch the VMAs–what a great way to announce her pregnancy before the tabloids announced it for her! :)

  2. Elaine says:

    love it! i would but i don’t know if i’d be able to follow your directions very clearly as i’m so inept at makeup!!

  3. Teri Roughen says:

    love her pregnant glow. she has great skin too.

  4. Danielle says:

    Love this. Love Nars. And I loved Beyonce’s performance. So simple and classy, not so many bells and whistles…just the voice and music. And I love when the camera pans to Jay and we see him watching her with pride. Love love love.

  5. Anna says:

    I love this post. She looked so beautiful. I would love to have soft gorgeous make up like this! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my fashion blog. I would love for you to stop by Fash Boulevard again soon.


  6. Hey Bre! I love love Beyonce and love her in every performance she does. I actually think she is the best artist of our generation. As for the make up, she looks so fresh and glowy (I prefer when she goes for the natural look)… I’ll have to check out the Silvana blush for Nars… looks like a must!

  7. califabulous says:

    I love these beauty break down posts! I love it especially when I have certain products that you mention. I can then go and re-create my own look! giza gloss and lola lola e/s are beautiful!! I wear nars foundation in Macao so New Orleans would be darker than beyonce’s complexion as I am much darker than she is. Still, I love the formula and weightlessness of the foundation. Thanks for your blog!!!!

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