Black Swan

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Like most little girls I took ballet classes growing up. I loved it. The tutus, tights, and ballet slippers, practicing at the barre, I loved it all. Over the years my love for ballet has remained, even if my love for the color pink has all but disappeared. So when I saw the trailer for Black Swan with the gorgeous and talented Natalie Portman I knew I had to go see it. This was ballet with a dark, sinister edge; an innovative take on the classic Swan Lake. My friend and I saw it over the weekend and while I enjoyed it, as it was beautifully shot and Natalie gave an incredible performance, I was and am still confused by it. One aspect of the movie that really stood out to me was {naturally} the gorgeous and striking makeup. Makeup artists Judy Chin and Marjorie Durand executed theatrical looks that were both alluring and dangerous. Natalie’s character is both the White Swan and the Black Swan.

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The white swan look is innocent and fresh with white to highlight and the eyes and lips soft yet defined.

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While the black swan makeup is intense and sultry. With a white powdered face and silver accented and black dramatic eyes.

Both looks emphasized the eyes, and the eyes were played up throughout the movie whether the actors were on stage or off. A mix of M.A.C. and professional stage makeup was used to create the looks. If you want to try Natalie Portman’s Black Swan lip at home use M.A.C. Vino lip pencil to line and fill in and top with Dubonnet lipstick.

Have you seen the movie? Do you want to see Black Swan?

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9 Responses to Black Swan

  1. Kelly Q says:

    I’m dying to see it! I wish there was an excuse to dress up like Natalie as the Black Swan all the time!

  2. Her eyes are SCARY beautiful!!! I haven’t seen it, but really, really want to!!

  3. Whenever I see that photo of her with the red eyes it freaks me out a little! I’ve been dying to see that movie, but I just read a review that said it’ll give you nightmares. Yikes. Is it that bad?

  4. Breanna says:

    @Julia I know what you mean, those red bloodshot eyes are scary! I didn’t get nightmares from it, but it is definitely rated R for a reason. Some graphic scenes, and I did cover my eyes for one scene I know that! The dancing and the costumes are downright gorgeous. You should take a friend and go see it, I want someone else to help me figure it out!

  5. Breanna says:

    @Lisi you should definitely go and see it! I never paid much attention to the male dancer with Natalie as you can’t take your eyes off of her. But now I know that’s her husband to be!

  6. Breanna says:

    @Kelly take a girlfriend and go see it! It’s definitely graphic but the dancing and the costumes from Rodarte are exquisitely beautiful. I was definitely thinking Halloween costume while I watched it…

  7. Kiki says:

    Saw it yesterday night. I’m confused also! The makeup and costumes were incredible, along with Portman’s performance. I think I have a halloween costume for next year!

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  9. Lovely Links says:

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