BreBeauty Makeup Pet Peeve: Sponge Applicators

If you want to waste your hard earned dollars when it comes to your makeup, then continue to use sponge applicators. I abhor sponge applicators! Why? They’re needlessly wasteful. The whole idea of a sponge is to absorb. Sponges absorb aqueous based products, that is their job. If you currently use sponge applicators to apply your foundation, and you find that you’re speeding along with your bottle, the sponge is to blame. Same goes for eye shadows, if you use them to apply you’re also wasting product, and most likely, you’re not getting the kind of color saturated application that you’re trying to achieve. Sponges absorb thereby they deposit product unevenly. Uneven, splotchy foundation, not so cute. As a makeup artist I am a huge fan of brushes. I see firsthand, everyday, the difference that they make in achieving a beautiful, flawless look. Forget what you’ve read about in magazines, when it comes to applying foundation and you’re aiming for a sheer look, use your clean fingers to apply, not a sponge. The heat from your skin will thin out the consistency and make it more sheer. If you want a perfectly polished look, I definitely recommend applying your foundation with a foundation brush. The sponge eyeshadow applicators that come with some eye shadows? Toss em. A natural bristled, fluffy brush is your best option. I never use sponges to apply anything. Correction: I do use them-but only to conceal tattoos with the painstaking stippling process for opaque body makeup. You could use sponges to tone down your foundation, blush, or powder, but if you’re using the appropriate makeup brush you will never need to. How do you like them apples? Sponges also absorb and hold bacteria. Bacteria on your face and eyes is just asking for trouble. Make a change, stop needlessly wasting money, invest in good quality brushes, and take care of your new investment. They really do make a significant difference and up your makeup game to a whole other level.

WRONG! A sponge can never achieve what a makeup brush can. Period.

I had the pleasure of attending the Evolving Influence Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference yesterday in NYC. It was a lot of fun and very inspiring to hear some of my favorite daily-read bloggers speak. My boyfriend and I took A LOT of pictures and notes and I will be sharing them with you all on Monday. There are so many fabulous things to share I may need to  break it down and make it a 2 or 3 day post! In the meantime, thank you as always for reading, and have a wonderful weekend cupcakes!

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