I don’t know why it happened. I don’t know if it was the rerun of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover I fell asleep watching, my mom’s new hair color, or my own scarred psyche but I had a nightmare last night, of the worst kind. No, I wasn’t chased by a masked mad man, or driving a car I had no control over {one of my reoccurring dreams-any dream analysts out there want to take a crack at that?} I was in the salon chair and I was getting a horrible haircut. I don’t even know how I ended up there but I was sporting some dark, chocolate brown locks {my hair is brond-it’s a word} that wasn’t even the distressing part. My hair was cut short, right to my chin. You know how I feel about long hair, as seen here. To add insult to serious injury, my stylist was completely ignoring me and giving me bangs. BANGS. Here’s a fun fact about me, I don’t have a forehead. I just don’t have one. So bangs on me equal disaster. “Long, side bangs?” I squeaked out hopefully, “No, more like blunt bangs,” was her curt reply. Seeing as how my stylist was intent on doing what she wanted and tuning me out entirely, I sat silently hoping {praying} for this.

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Instead, I got this.

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Imagine my relief when I woke up this morning. Now my dream may have been a tad exaggerated and dramatic, but haven’t we all been there? At the mercy of a hairstylist who didn’t seem to understand what we wanted for our hair, and the anxiety that ensued with every snip, snip, snip. I can recall a horrible haircut, complete with uneven bangs, when I was an adolescent. I refused to go without a hat while it grew out. Clearly, it made a lasting impression on me and I have yet to recover. To this day, I always get a twinge of apprehension when I sit down for a haircut or trim. As I get older, and arguably wiser and more mature {HA!} I hope I can leave the trauma of my horrific haircut behind.

What about you? Have you ever received a terrible haircut or color? What happened? Was it at the hands of a professional or a DIY job?

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3 Responses to Chopped

  1. Misty says:

    Ha ha Bre… you crack me up! No forehead? Never noticed before… next time I see you, if it looks like I’m staring at your (lack of) forehead, it’s because I am! :) The first time I ever dyed my hair myself, I bought a color called peach. It looked like a pretty strawberry blond color on the box, but when I dried my hair it was orange! ORANGE! It was October so I told everyone I did it for Halloween!

  2. Danielle says:

    During my freshman year at college, my roommate and I visited her hometown of Irvine, CA. We decided to have a “ladies beauty day” that included, manis and pedis, and haircuts. I asked the stylist for a tapered look, and she gave me a mullet. It was terrible. My roommate lied and told me it looked good, but come on. Business in the front and party in the back is just not acceptable. Espcially not in 2001. Her brothers printed out pictures and pasted them to my luggage. MORTIFICATION and tears ensued. As well as another haircut that left me with a pixie thing–a big chop is the only way to fix a mullet, it seems. Shudder.

  3. Bre I’ve loved this post! I can totally relate to your no control of the car dream, I’ve happened to dream that several times and I guess it just means being afraid of losing the control of some aspect in your life… dreams are so weird! Once I dreamt shaving my head and it felt so liberating! But thanks god I woke up with my long hair…hehe. Btw, I have a short forehead and I wear bangs. My great stylist does these bangs that come from the upper side of your head (sorry about my explanation) but not too much of course (don’t wanna look like a doll) and then they reach my eyebrows. So it looks long enough and I think it makes my face more balanced.

    I remember having 2 bad hair cuts… Once I gave too much freedom to my stylist and I had it cut way too short for my taste (round face here!) and another time I had it dyed in an orangy color…so weird! I’m glad I found the one that really gets me and flatters my style. Sorry for my long comment…I found these things very interesting :)

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