You Are the Content of Your Character

Yesterday was an off day. I just felt meh. Uninspired and a little sad. This was entirely wrong given the fact that it was an absolutely gorgeous day, warm and sunny with just a hint of fall crispness in the air, a sign of things to come. When one is faced with “the mean reds” you have two choices: stay mired down in your self-loathing funk and consume contents of refrigerator ala Bridget Jones, or snap out of it. I chose the latter. I went online for happy distractions, as I am known to do, and came across this inspiring message via tumblr. It was kismet.

{Image from peachesandrainbows.tumblr}


In today’s frenetic world all too often we are told-repeatedly-what we are and what we are not. In this instance, it was nice to be reminded that we are more, far more than an item of makeup or dress size. Given that this is a “beauty blog” I wanted to share this empowering message and what is truly beautiful about each and every one of us. Share the (self) love, and have an awesome day!

For a related post and reminder of how fantastic you are,  read Be You(tiful).

How do you banish a bad day?

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8 Responses to You Are the Content of Your Character

  1. Sam says:

    This is beautiful!

  2. Maggie says:

    Oh my, what a sweet post to read first thing in the morning. Love it.


  3. Danielle says:

    This made my day, Bre. So beautiful and so true, yet so easy to forget.

    Thanks lovely, Dfest

  4. Jenny says:

    As someone writing a weight loss blog, it’s important to remember this so as not to get wrapped up in the numbers of it all. Lovely post.

    I used to eat on bad days. Whatever I wanted. Now I recognize that as just another trigger for a bad day, so I workout or write instead. Or both. Usually both.

  5. Teri Roughen says:

    Hi Bre-
    Sorry you were having a bad day, but it’s always a good sign when a person knows how to get themselves out of a slump or the blues. I admire that in a person. I can usually combat the blues by some mindless television or a brisk walk. A good night sleep works for me too. Teri

  6. Breanna says:

    @Teri Thank you! I definitely prefer to change things around and indulge in a good conversation with a dear friend or a beloved book. A good piece of chocolate never hurt anyone either!

  7. Breanna says:

    @Jenny your blog is so inspiring and motivating! I hope you reward yourself with fierce workout gear (lululemon is such an indulgence) and fabulous spa treatments. You deserve some pampering!

  8. Krista says:

    This is gorgeous, Bre! I’m sharing this on my fan page! :)

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