Beauty Myth: Your Skin Breathes

Beautiful models backstage. Not a one of them has skin that "breathes."

Ugh. I really hate this one with a fiery passion. We are all smart, talented, accomplished women. So why do we repeat this stuff? Skin does not breathe; it does not have lungs, or gills, or anything other sort of breathing apparatuses or mechanisms necessary for such an involved function. The only way oxygen reaches the skin is through the blood. Our skin receives nutrients and oxygen through the blood and normal respiratory functions. The skin absorbs whatever we put on top if it {time to rethink that chemicalized fragranced lotion you got for $5?} and it also perspires and eliminates waste and toxins. But it does not breathe.

I often have clients tell me they opt not to wear makeup, in order to let their skin “breathe.” I mean, I understood what they mean-to an extent. They think that makeup clogs the pores and causes irritation. They like to give their skin a bit of a break whenever possible. I get that, I do the same myself but it’s typically laziness or if I’m nesting and being a homebody read: waste of life on my couch. If you wear makeup appropriate to your skin type, and remove it all at night before going to sleep, makeup can actually be beneficial to your skin. It can protect your skin and serve as a barrier from harmful free radicals, pollution, and the harmful effects of the sun {the culprits responsible for skin aging}. So let’s debunk this myth once and for all.

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4 Responses to Beauty Myth: Your Skin Breathes

  1. Jessica says:

    Boyfriend made fun of me for putting on face lotion (with sunscreen obvs.) and then a touch of foundation before heading to the beach for the day. I had the last laugh when he had a red, sunburned face and mine was protected! (Although, I’m sure it had a bit more to do with the sunscreen than the foundation, but shhhhh.)

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  4. Kathleen says:

    On my days off from work (aka the world), the last thing I want to do is wear a full face of makeup. I’m guilty as charged on being lazy on those types of days.

    Skin may be the body’s largest organ, but it certainly doesn’t have lungs. The funny thing is whenever you do have the opportunity to correct a client and remind them that the only way oxygen reaches the skin is through blood, there’s that little “doh!” moment that goes off in their head. Then all of a sudden, you’re the smartest person on the planet to them. Great beauty myth debunked!

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