Don’t Be Tardy for the {Halloween} Party

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I am a procrastinator by nature. But when it comes to Halloween I am all over everything. I plan and ruminate over costume ideas for months in preparation {nerd alert}. This year I’ll admit I was stressed with too many ideas and options {not necessarily a bad thing} but I rallied and finally pulled it all together with a few days to spare. I know the idea of selecting a costume can be daunting, but it should be a good time. Halloween is a total kid’s holiday, therein lies the fun! I know people have been drilling it in your head for years for you to just be yourself. Well not on Halloween! Give yourself a much deserved night off. Use your creativity and think outside the box if you can. As a makeup artist, I look to a variety of sources for inspiration. The silver screen always inspires, maybe it will work for you as well. For those of you who have not yet decided on a Halloween costume, and are in need of last minute ideas and inspiration, here are some suggestions from film and TV.

{Star Trek} image from Allure magazine

{Almost Famous} image from Lucky magazine

{Chicago} image from Allure magazine

{Dazed and Confused} image from Lucky magazine

{Mad Men} image from

{Addams Family} image from

{Bonnie and Clyde} image from Allure magazine

{Forrest Gump} image from Allure magazine

If you are in dire need of a last minute costume, you have to check out here, here, and here. These costumes are not only hilarious but wonderfully clever. You will be good to go and no one will know it was done thirty minutes beforehand. It will be our little secret.

Have a fantastic weekend and a happy Halloween!

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  1. Brianne says:

    Love Dazed and Confused! That would be a fun costume.

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