Double Time

While I’m doing makeup the topic of conversation inevitably becomes skin care. Clients ask me questions about their skin, and want to know my product recommendations. Going into Nancy Drew mode, I inquire about their skin care routine, the products they use, and I ask how long they spend washing their face. I almost always get sheepish confessions, not very long at all. A-ha! Now we’re getting somewhere. The fact of the matter is we’re dirty. We’re living in dirty times-dirtier than it was in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ times. Environmental pollutants in the air combine daily with our sunscreen, our waterproof and long wear makeup, and our own natural sebum. All these factors form a thick, waxy coating on the skin. I think I can safely assume we’re all thinking, YUCK!

The good people at the International Dermal Institute, the people who brought us the fantastic skin care line Dermalogica, conducted a research study and found that most women only spend about 20 seconds washing their face. 20 seconds! Simply put a splash of water and 20 seconds of cleansing cannot effectively penetrate and remove the dirt, oil, and makeup ridden debris that coat the skin’s surface. Learning about this gross, waxy coating may make some of you want to reach for your foamiest cleanser. When in fact, a traditional cleanser won’t melt down this waxy barrier, which means your expensive treatments, moisturizers, and other products won’t penetrate and do the work their meant to do. This will leave your skin looking dull in appearance, and will make it more prone to congestion and breakouts. Not good. What we need is an effective cleanse, and that is the Dermalogica Double Cleanse.

{The science behind Precleanse and the Dermalogica Double Cleanse image from}

For the most effective double cleanse possible, you need to start things off with a plant-based cleansing oil, Dermalogica’s Precleanse gets my vote time and again. Oil based cleansers can melt the layers of oil-based debris {that would be your makeup, sunscreen, and natural sebum}. It’s like high school chemistry, like attracts like. Oily substances are best solubilized in fatty, lipid solutions. So, if you want to remove oil, it’s best to use an oil to come clean. Using plant-based oils won’t disturb the skin’s natural barrier function; it won’t leave you feeling tight and dry. Once you use the oil-based cleanser as directed, you can follow up with your traditional cleanser. The second cleanser penetrates even further than before, leaving the skin healthy and scrupulously clean. If you’ve ever had a facial at a Dermalogica spa, you’ve experienced the Double Cleanse. Dermalogica’s Precleanse is beneficial for all skin types. Those who have oily and acne prone skin can particularly benefit, as it melts through sebum without stripping the skin {causing it to produce more oil} and it won’t irritate and exacerbate existing acne. The Double Cleanse is the best way to get skin truly clean. If you’d like to see Precleanse in action, check out this video from Dermalogica.

What about you? How long do you spend washing your face? Will you try the Double Cleanse?

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6 Responses to Double Time

  1. Danielle says:

    This is fascinating. I have never heard of a precleanse. I feel sheepish.

    I am literally so tempted to just hit “add to my cart” on amazon, but first, I have to ask: will this exasperate my very dry winter skin? At the risk of grossing you out, I feel like Goldmember from Austin Powers lately. My skin is so dry that it is flaking off. And I can’t seem to find the right combo to sooth and balance it. Will a precleanse make it work? Or do you think it could help?

    A very parched,

  2. Breanna says:

    @Danielle First things first, I LOVE your blog! The banner is full of awesome images, my favorite has to be the one of Dawson crying, it’s priceless. I’m now a follower! OK, Precleanse is in a word, AMAZING. The texture is heavenly, you apply it to your dry face with dry hands. It removes all your stubborn makeup, then you wet your hands and massage your face, it emulsifies all the makeup, dirt, and oil. You rinse your face and you will be amazed to see it all go down the drain. Then you cleanse, business as usual. Precleanse is for all skin types, it will be perfect for your dry skin! It won’t dry your skin out or irritate it, it’s incredibly gentle and effective cleansing. Precleanse will definitely help refine and rebalance your skin. I’d love to help you with your dry skin woes, send me an e-mail with your current skin care AM & PM regimen and I can help you determine the potential culprits, and make suggestions just for you. Thanks for the question and your comments Danielle!

  3. Elle Sees says:

    yup. 20 seconds over here! When I do my weekly exfoliation I do 5 minutes. AAnd I’ve tried to oil cleansing method.

  4. This cleanser by Dermalogica sounds awesome. Actually, inspired by one of your posts, I recently bought the Peter Thomas Roth cleanser (for my beloved spots of my chin). I am very happy with it as well as with the pads, so I guess next time Dermalogica will be it. By now, I am taking your advice of really making the effort of washing my face for more than 5 seconds…haha…Nice post Bre!

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