From Table to Tub: Cranberry

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I don’t know about you, but cranberry sauce is my least favorite food when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. It just doesn’t hold much appeal for me, for one it’s not chock full of butter {Paula Deen could be my long lost grandmother} and I never really know how to eat it. Do I spread a layer onto my roll or croissant? Cranberry may be an unsung hero at the dinner table, but it is a powerhouse fruit. Rich in antioxidant flavonoids, cranberries help protect the skin from environmental damage. Cranberries contain high levels of vitamins like Vitamin C, when used in skincare cranberry extracts help stimulate collagen production to give you firmer, fresher skin. Eminence Cranberry Pomegranate Masque uses polyphenols and fruit enzymes that assist in moisture retention and help promote skin vitality and radiance. Just like cranberries, this masque is great for everyone. This masque, like all of Eminence’s wonderful organic products, smells good enough to eat. Enjoy!

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  1. An Dyer says:

    I’m definitely not a big fan of cranberries at thanksgiving either… it does as a nice sweet/tart taste to turkey but I can do without it. That mask sounds like a much better use of the fruit ;) great post!

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