Gather Around the Table

{Image from Pottery Barn}

Confession: every year that I try to help with Thanksgiving dinner a fight with my mom inevitably ensues. It’s nothing serious, merely a difference in opinion. As a Food Network aficionado I like to provide my mother with helpful hints and sincere suggestions. This is all done in an attempt to offer assistance I can assure you. To get myself out of trouble, I do my best Paula Deen impersonation to make her laugh and help set and decorate the table. A task that is {usually} not fraught with differing opinions. One thing that we can both agree on is a beautifully decorated table. I love looking to my favorite magazines, catalogs and websites for inspiration. I am hoping these ideas go over well, kid tested and mother approved.

{Image from Pottery Barn}

I love the place card in the wine glass, a few acorns and a leaf. Simple, yet stylish.

{Image from Martha Stewart}

That Martha, she is certainly something else. My brother and I used to fight over the wishbone every year. Having seen this, its sufficient to say I will work hard to claim the wishbone.

{Image from Martha Stewart}

I adore edible centerpieces, they’re so efficient. These succulent grapes are a refreshing change from traditional table arrangements.

{Image from Pottery Barn Kids}

Sadly, we don’t have a kids table. But how stinking cute would this set up be?

{Image from Martha Stewart}

This crafty DIY turkey is supposed to be for the kids, but I think adults would appreciate it just as much.

{Image from Martha Stewart}

Again, another idea for the kids but I think a map of the world would be an innovative {and educational} tablecloth alternative. The paper boats as place cards? Love.

What are your Thanksgiving table decorations?

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5 Responses to Gather Around the Table

  1. Elaine says:

    These ideas are all SO adorable!!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    These are all fantastic Thanksgiving day inspirations!

  3. amyg says:

    Great images!! I really want to create a cranberry topiary, with real cranberries!!!

  4. dallas says:

    love the last image

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