Guilty Pleasure: Pretty Little Liars

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Confession: I am addicted to television entertainment geared toward teenagers. My teenage angst may be long gone, but evidently I enjoying watching it play out in the name of entertainment. I really blame the Twilight Saga, I knew it was a slippery slope after drinking the Kool-Aid that is the Stephenie Meyer books. It all happened innocently enough…One boring afternoon, with nothing to do but watch crapola {AKA daytime TV} I stumbled upon a show on ABC Family. It was a marathon so I was able to get caught up rather quickly, and become hooked. Pretty Little Liars, or PLL for short, is kind of like Desperate Housewives for the younger set. Or a murder mystery game of Clue with way better clothes, hair, and makeup. Not to mention that everyone on the show is ridiculously good looking. See exhibits A, B, C, and D above. Including the guys. The clothes are fun and contemporary, a mix of high and low.  Some pieces are affordable {unlike Gossip Girl} I’ve definitely spotted some pieces from UO and Forever21. True to form, I am completely in love with the hair and makeup. The girls look pretty, fresh, and always age appropriate-what’s not to love? I’m inspired by their signature styles, and you can emulate their character’s makeup with a few key items.

{"Spencer Hastings"}

The look for “Spencer” is simple and polished, {FYI: all the girls have perfect skin} so even out with a good foundation, define the eye with black eyeliner, and finish the lips with a natural looking lipstick.

{"Emily Fields"}

The look for “Emily” is pretty laidback makeup, a sportier, natural look. Use an oil-free tinted moisturizer for a fresh complexion, lengthening black mascara, and a slick of all natural lip balm for shine.

{"Aria Montgomery"}

The look for “Aria” is pretty and fresh, with an emphasis on dark, thick lashes. Try a pair of black feathery false lashes, a bright pink blush, and a matte dusty rose lipstick to complete the look.

{"Hanna Marin"}

The look for “Hanna” is more dramatic than the other girls with a smoky eye. Reach for slate grey and plum eye shadows, define your arches with eye brow powder, and a light pink gloss to keep the focus on the eyes.

Are you already a fan of Pretty Little Liars? If so, let me know so we can geek out over it together!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to call the boy I like only to block my number and hang up when he answers, throw a party and only invite some of my best friends, and try on everything in my closet only to claim that I have nothing to wear while wearing my retainer.

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10 Responses to Guilty Pleasure: Pretty Little Liars

  1. Danielle says:

    I love this entire post and share the same guilty pleasure (ie I still watch One Tree Hill even though it is one of the worst written shows on tv).

    My favorite part, however, is the last paragraph about blocking your number/hanging up/wearing your retainer. Made me giggle out loud.

  2. Great natural beauty inspiration! I have watched some episodes of Pretty Little Liars but I have to definitely catch up with it. There is something about Spencer’s classy look that I like and Emily looks always so radiant… I always laugh at the “topics” that some North American series portray…so funny!

  3. Sam says:

    OMG. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars too! I like Hanna’s style and her hair and makeup always look great!!


  4. Courtney says:

    LOVE this show! Love the lips on the doll at the beginning of the show. This question is so not on the topic, but I just did a huge MAC eyeshadow purchase at mac pro. I’m gearing up for wedding season. What are your go-to eyeshadow colors for weddings?

  5. Elle Sees says:

    shows like that are totally my guilty pleasure. i’m 34 (am i really? i can’t believe i’m so olddd) but i love those shows.

  6. Breanna says:

    @Danielle One Tree Hill?! I live for the clips of that show that make it onto The Soup! The one with the heart transplant skittering across the floor was my hands down favorite. I’m glad I am not alone in my TV guilty pleasure!

    @Sammi I love Hanna’s makeup and style too, she’s the most adventurous of the four. I think I have a girl crush on Aria though, those lashes are incredible!

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