Tricks and Treats

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would share with you some ideas and products that are helpful in achieving your chosen look. One of the best things about Halloween is the complete transformation, and that takes your hair, makeup, and nails into consideration. To make the most impact, don’t forget the little details. Here are some of my tricks and treats.

Ardell Fashion Lashes 137 Black- If you’ve never tried false lashes before Halloween is the perfect time for their debut. They are fun, campy, flirty and completely over the top depending on how daring you go. I think these lashes would be great for a witch or vampire. For even more drama, you could try lashes on the bottom as well {just be sure to turn them upside down for bottom lashes}.

Manic Panic Semi Permanent Hair Color- If you are going to be the Joker, an Oompa Loompa, a punk rocker or a Simpsons character you’re going to need to change your hair color. While you could certainly don a wig for the evening, you could also use a temporary hair dye to do the job. These are colorful and dramatic and will certainly set your look apart from the rest.

Extra Long Vampire Fangs- Every Halloween there is a vampire in attendance. Leave the dollar store cheesy fangs at home and affix these to your canines for a scary {and authentic} look. I’ve seen them on friends in the past and they really make a statement, plus you’ll have them for years to come. They could be great for a werewolf or monster look as well.

Super Value Family Halloween Makeup Kit- This kit has something for everyone-literally. No matter what your costume, this kit has got you covered. It has a palette of washable cream colors, fake skin, fake blood, it even has stuff to black out your teeth. Many creepy looks can be created using this comprehensive kit.

M.A.C. Strobe Liquid- Whether you’re Team Twilight {yours truly} or Team True Blood, you will need a pale, luminous pallor. To help you achieve that hauntingly beautiful glow, mix some M.A.C. Strobe Liquid with the palest foundation you can find. The strobe liquid has light reflecting particles to leave a beautiful shimmer to accentuate your bone structure. The combination of the two will leave you radiant and eerie, perfect for a creature of the night.

Essie nail polish in Licorice- Halloween is all about the little details, thus you can’t overlook your nails. This jet black cream will be the perfect finishing touch for a witch, demon, ghost or goblin {what is a goblin anyway?} and it’s a chic shade to have all year long. The same goes for Essie’s polish in Wicked, the deep sinister color of dried blood.

Make Up For Ever Glitters- You can’t be a fairy or pixie without some pixie dust. This fine glitter is perfect for face or body. You can use it in your hair {mix it with hair gel or hair spray for lasting hold}. You can use it in your nail polish or top coat to make your look truly your own. It comes in a wide array of colors, and mixed with gloss would make a great lip or cheek look. These glitters would be ideal for a Lady Gaga or Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Covergirl Natural Hue Bronzer- Even though I can’t stop you, I know a lot of you will be dressing up as your favorite Jersey Shore cast member. That being said, your natural color is not going to work. My advice either get a really bad {read: orange} spray tan or go to town with a dark powder bronzer. Instead of applying it as you normally would, as seen here, be more liberal and apply it everywhere extending it down to any exposed skin {and I imagine there would be a great deal of skin there Snooks} and don’t forget to get your ears too.

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  1. dionysha says:

    I think black nailpohlish is a must!

  2. Elaine says:

    Oh, how fun!!! I’m so glad you picked out Halloween makeup!

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