Bewitching Beauty

Lovelies, what are you going to be for Halloween this year? As you know I love Halloween, as seen here, here, and here. This year I have been more than indecisive when it comes to selecting my costume. It’s not for a lack of ideas {I have a list I add to all year long-seriously} but I want to select a look that is really makeup focused and  completely transformative.  I’m not going for cute or pretty, I’m going for the wow factor this time around. While I continue to obsess and change my mind {alienate and annoy those around me pestering them with what I should be this year} here are some more Halloween makeup inspiration looks for you, courtesy of If you can’t get your Halloween makeup done by yours truly, you can stop into your local Sephora for a spectacular costume look.

I may need to enlist your help in selecting my costume for this year, stay tuned for more Halloween posts!

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4 Responses to Bewitching Beauty

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m still undecided and time is running out! It’s causing me stress, not gonna lie.

  2. EricaG. says:

    I am thinking a wicked vampire, more True Blood than Twilight. Have you seen the Martha Stewart vampire look she did last year, maybe that!

  3. Jessica says:

    I haven’t decided on an ensemble yet, but judging by these makeup looks, Cleopatra is a a strong contender!

  4. JACK says:

    55 yr old male looking to go as lady gaga don’t know if any makeup artist can pull this off what do u think

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