The Walking Dead

Last Halloween I tuned in to watch the premiere episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. I was instantly hooked.  A band of survivors navigating a chaotic world overrun by zombies? Oh yeah, hook, line, and sinker. The Walking Dead is brilliantly acted and shot, so much so that it feels like a movie, not a television show. The special effects makeup is simply amazing and served as the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year. Immediately upon my first viewing, I knew what I was going to be for Halloween 2011. I enlisted some friends to join me in my “zombie army” and another member of the undead, a Dia de los Muertos senorita.

{All images provided by Alicia Prosceno all makeup provided by BreBeauty Makeup Artistry}






Suffice it to say we had an amazing Halloween night. How did you celebrate Halloween? Don’t forget there is still time to enter my NARS Halloween giveaway! Simply send me an email of your Halloween costume and/or makeup and enter to win!

Are you also a fan of The Walking Dead?


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6 Responses to The Walking Dead

  1. Haha… Bre! This is really scary! But I have to say you look beautiful even with zombie make up! I did watch the first season of The walking dead, but sometimes i get so anxious i cannot watch it. I hate that feeling, because i really want to see what happens… Anyway, terrific job with your costume :D

  2. Teri Roughen says:

    Oh I love it ! Great makeup! Teri

  3. Danielle says:

    You look so ahmazing. I am so impressed. Haven’t seen the walking dead yet, but my sister tells me I must catch up! I have been watching American Horror Story which I love love love.

  4. Elle Sees says:

    YEs! And they film it here in Atl! The makeup turned out great. PS Have you entered my dessert giveaway yet?

  5. Jenny says:

    So creepy! So awesome! The Dia de los Muertos look was so trendy this year, but that’s one of the best executed I’ve seen. Awesome job!

  6. Jade says:

    Awesome makeup. That was really creepy. I think my heart almost drop when I first saw your photo. Nice share.

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