Haunting Holiday

Creepy tablescape from Martha Stewart

Finally! It is now October, which means I can regale you {bore you?} with my love for all things Halloween. In my book, Halloween trumps Christmas, no contest. Autumn is my favorite time of year and Halloween is a huge part of that. It may be a kid’s holiday for most, but I absolutely love it. It’s totally come as you aren’t, and therein lies the fun {the massive amounts of candy also doesn’t hurt}. In fact, I would still trick or treat if it was appropriate {and not at all creepy}. As I get older, my celebration of Halloween leans more towards the decoration side of things. I love incorporating traditional with more glamorous, macabre touches. Think Pottery Barn meets Edgar Allan Poe. I will be sharing my love of Halloween with you all month long {are you excited?!} but first up here are some of my Halloween decoration picks to help you transform the inside of your place.

Haunted Gate Wall Mural- This creepy photograph is both haunting and beautiful.

Spider Web Runner- This table runner is such a festive touch to your Halloween tablescape.

Feathered Black Owls- I love inquisitive owls and these are adorable to decorate your space with.

Halloween Candelabra- Nothing creates an ominous feeling quite like candlelight does, pair these candelabra with black or red taper candles. Or make your own bleeding, scary candles with help from my home girl, Martha Stewart.

Spooky Wire Tree- A dark and twisty tree makes a great table centerpiece.

Anatomy Study 1- The human skeleton is amazing, and so is this ghoulish print.

Mini Skulls- Scatter these skulls around or group them together under a large cake dome, or in a bowl for a cool centerpiece.

Feather Wreath- A more glamorous take on the traditional wreath, deep dark feathers are sure to get attention.

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6 Responses to Haunting Holiday

  1. EricaG. says:

    I have to say reading your blog every day puts a smile on my face! I love Halloween and Fall. Fabulous picks, I think I’m purchasing the feather wreath …. nothing better than adding a little glamour to the holiday!

  2. That candelabra and feather wreath are adorable! I’m so excited for Halloween too, but I need to figure out a costume ASAP! Do you know what you’re dressing up as?

    I love that you’re bringing in some non-beauty posts, by the way.

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