Green with Envy

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If I were to ask you what colors come to mind during the month of March, I think it is safe to assume that green would be the top answer. Not only because of St. Patrick’s Day, but because it is a color that is associated with Spring and new beginnings. To get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday, and think Spring {more so than you already are} a manicure with green nail polish is the way to go. When green nail polish first hit the scene {Fall 2007}, I was reticent to try it. At that time I was all about dark polishes, classic reds, or light, neutral shades. I was thinking green wouldn’t suit me, I was so wrong. There is a green for everyone. Since then I have started collecting various green nail polishes {shocking I know me hoarding collecting nail polish}. Progressing from light to dark, here are my favorites:


{All OPI images from OPI}

OPI in Gargantuan Green Grape


{All Essie images from Essie}

Essie in Mint Candy Apple

OPI in Go On Green

OPI in Green-Wich Village

Essie in Pretty Edgy

OPI in Don’t Mess With OPI

Essie in Going Incognito

Essie in Sew Psyched

OPI in Cuckoo For This Color

OPI in Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

What are your favorite green nail polishes? Will you be wearing green nail polish for St. Patty’s Day?

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7 Responses to Green with Envy

  1. Maggie says:

    Oooh, I love all these colors…


  2. Meghan Hawes says:

    I own two of these colors! I love green! Now, I just need the time to paint my nails!!

  3. Kelly Q says:

    I definitely will be wearing some green tomorrow! I seriously wasn’t even thinking of wearing green nail polish, but seeing your selections I will now! My fav is Essie Mint Apple…awesome.

  4. Since I always think my hands are too big to pull off some nail polish, I always end up wearing none. But lately, I feel more open to it and think that nailpolish can actually work as a very personal touch in your everyday look. And of course, with so many beautiful shades that you bring us who wouldn’t like to rock that Essie’s Mint Candy Apple with a total black look?

  5. I have worn OPI cuckoo for this color. It’s surprisingly flattering on my fair skin and so fun to wear!

  6. Breanna says:

    @Meghan I LOVED your Pretty Edgy with silver sparkles topcoat on FB! What a fun look, perfect for the holiday! :)

  7. Breanna says:

    @Marta I’m glad you are coming around on wearing nail polish. I hate when my nails are naked, I don’t like to wear any of my rings when my nails are bare. Just think of nail polish as another fun accessory and a way to add a pop of color. Definitely get the Mint Candy Apple! It’s a similar dupe (not identical mind you) to Chanel’s Jade polish that was all the rage.

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