How To: Erase a Blemish

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Ugh. Is there anything worse than a pimple cramping your fabulous style? If chronic breakouts get you down your dermatologist can help you come up with an action plan to treat your acne. For the occasional pimple here is some tried and true advice.

Just say no. Please stop picking at your face. Bathroom surgery only causes problems, believe me. I know it seems like a quick {not to mention gratifying} fix-wrong. Resist the temptation to squeeze and pick. If it helps you, hide your magnifying makeup mirror. If God wanted us to see all that we would have better eyes. When you feel a pimple coming on its best to have a “hands off” policy. Picking at your skin only causes further irritation and inflammation. It will take your skin that much longer to heal, and you risk scarring to boot. It’s also helpful to know that pimples can erupt inward and leak its nasty contents into other parts of your skin, pushing bacteria deeper into the skin. So now where you had one you could have a whole crop of ugly spots. Couple that with dirty hands and fingernails and you’ve given me nightmares for weeks. No picking! Leave that to the professionals.

Get organized. Early intervention is your best bet. Wash your skin with a pore clearing cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This acid will help clear the way for your acne fighting products to come in and take care of business. A great spot treatment would be something with benzoyl peroxide, a retinoid, or a topical antibiotic or any combination of the three. See your dermatologist for an on the spot treatment if over the counter isn’t cutting the mustard. These products will kill the P.acnes bacteria and help dry out the pimple. If you’re really inflamed you can use an ice cube for a few minutes to help reduce redness. If your spot is especially red you can take a q-tip, soak it in some redness reducing eyedrops and pop it into the freezer for a few minutes. Afterward, take the Visine soaked q-tip and hold it to the skin. The cold will help reduce the swelling and the eye drops, with their vasoconstrictors, will help dissipate the redness. Just like with eye drops this is not good for long term repeated use.

Cover up. I’m not a fan of the tinted acne treatments available on the market. I find them to be cakey and thick and the colors to look unnatural. Seriously, who has skin the color of a Band-Aid? Unfortunately acne products aren’t exactly makeup compatible. I prefer to use my on the spot treatments at night while I sleep, so they can really penetrate and do their job. For day use an opaque concealer with a concealer brush for maximum coverage or with your clean finger for more sheer coverage. Dab the concealer carefully on the blemish and tap it into the surrounding area to blend. Set it carefully with powder applied with a puff, being careful not to rub it all off. Dust away any excess powder with a fluffy brush. Don’t stress, you already know that your skin doesn’t breathe and makeup won’t hurt you. No esthetician or dermatologist expects you to walk around feeling less than confident and looking red and blotchy.

Doctor, doctor. If it’s your wedding day, or you have another important event and need the pimple gone immediately you can seek help from your dermatologist. A simple injection of cortisone will shrink your blemish down to size in 24 hours time.

The fade out. If pimples weren’t bad enough, they can also leave little reminders that they were there. If you listened to my first bit of advice this is less likely to happen to you. If your blemish leaves a pink or dark mark, you can apply a topical cream to lessen the appearance of discoloration. Again, if you need more muscle seek out your dermatologist for a hydroquinone prescription. Later, crater.

I’m curious, what are some of your pimple cures?

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  1. amyg says:

    I find the over the counter drying potions don’t work for me…It always helps if my makeup brushes are clean :) then I use exfoliaters to keep dead pore clogging skin at bay.

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