Scram Crows (Feet)

Want younger looking eyes? Eye cream is a must! Use one appropriate for your skin type AM & PM-use it religiously. Use a retinol (Vitamin A) eye cream at night. It’s the one ingredient proven to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles. Look for creams that come in an aluminum tube, they keep retinol stable and more potent. Eye creams with retinol and Vitamin K work especially well on dark undereye circles. It’s never too soon (or late) to start using an eye cream! My hypothetical daughters will be using it at the age of sixteen so they get into the habit of it. The skin around the eyes is so delicate and thin, it’s the thickness of an eggshell. It’s the first place that shows signs of aging. With eye cream, you will notice a drastic improvement right away. Instant gratification is hard to come by with skincare, but eye cream is definitely the exception to the rule.

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