How To: Look Good Post-Workout

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Put your hair up. The last thing you want to fuss with when working on your fitness is your hair. Put your hair in a loose braid wrapped into a bun. This will keep your hair off your neck and when you take your hair down you will be left with loose waves. If you’re taking a spinning or dancing class, anything high cardio, smooth your hair back into a bun or ponytail. Afterward use a dry shampoo {try Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray} or baby or face powder to absorb sweat at your roots-works like a charm. If you forgot powder, you can aim a little hairspray at the roots; the alcohol will help dry up any moisture, simply brush out the excess product to remove stiffness.

Go nude. I know there are woman out there who go to the gym with makeup on. I am not one of them, I’ll pause while you gasp and unfollow me on BlogLovin’. Makeup + sweat + bacteria = recipe for breakouts. To that end I don’t go to the gym with any makeup on, at best I curl my lashes and slick on some lip balm. If you are heading to the gym from the office or school, pack some cleansing makeup remover wipes in your gym bag. Removing your makeup will help prevent breakouts. Going sans makeup is not fun, trust me I know, and I apologize in advance should you run into your ex, but you’re there to work out. Just grin it and bear it like the rest of us gorgeous.

Come clean. After a workout I like to wash up as soon as possible either at the gym, or wait until I get home {if I can last that long}. If you’re in a rush you can clean up with your cleansing towelettes. I particularly like Dermalogica Purifying Wipes for my chest and back to prevent workout related breakouts-I blame the friction from my sports bra-not only does it give you the dreaded uniboob it can cause breakouts-super. Post workout I try and cool down as long as I can. After a cardio session I pretty much look like a tomato with hair, splashes of cold water can help reduce the redness.

Less is more. Once I have cleaned up and cooled down, I apply a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin and help minimize the redness. If I’m really blotchy and red, and I have plans afterward, I brush on some powder foundation for additional coverage. Avoid anything creamy on your heated skin, it will have a tendency to slide right off or make you look greasy. You can skip the blush and embrace your natural flush in your cheeks. Curl your lashes, a swipe of waterproof mascara, and some tinted lip balm and you are out the door.

I may not do my usual full primping routine, but these simple steps will have you looking your best as you leave the gym.

What do you include in your makeup routine after your workout? Any must haves?

Have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to How To: Look Good Post-Workout

  1. I have to say i’m guilty of wearing a bit of make up to go to the gym. In fact my bf always tells me not to do so, but the other day pictures were taken for the Spring brochure at the gym and I couldn’t help but think… Pheww! haha… These are such cool tips, especially now that it’s time to get bikini ready :) Hope you have a lovely weekend Bre!

  2. Amanda says:

    I am so glad to read that you don’t wear any makeup to the gym AND that you also look like a tomato after your workout. I’m in the same boat.

    I definitely go for a quick application of tinted moisturizer after my workout if I have to be somewhere in a hurry. Thankfully that’s a rarity because I like to go home and take a shower right after.

  3. Sam says:

    Sometimes I see girls wearing makeup at the gym and I can’t help but laugh…. What a mess!


  4. michelle says:

    love your blog
    i always tie up my hair too
    sometimes i put on waterproof eyeliner a little bit for natural look :)

    want to hear your thoughts on my new Ferragamo flats
    twitter @divalicious_m

    fashionably yours, Michelle (singer from Korea)

  5. Breanna says:

    @Michelle Thank you so much! Waterproof eyeliner is a nice idea, but personally I wouldn’t be able to stop at just that! It’d be a slippery slope from there! haha

  6. Breanna says:

    @Marta Now that is some lucky timing! If a photographer was at the gym when I was on the treadmill, and they started snapping away, I would continue my cardio session…by running right out the door! Your fun and bright, summertime posts are GREAT motivation for me to get bikini ready!

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