Lighten Up

Summer eye makeup that goes the distance. When sweat and powders mix, the result isn’t pretty. Sheer cream eye shadows tend to cake less in the hot weather (bonus, they *glisten*). Choose a silicone based formula to lock the color in place and last without smudging. MAC Paint Pot is a silicone based cream eyeshadow I use on myself and my clients. Highly recommend for summer, and everyday use. You can use it alone, or with your regular powder eye shadow on top-everything you put on top will show up brighter and become crease proof as well. Bare Study is a great universal shade for lighter skin tones. Groundwork is a good one for darker skin tones. Your eye makeup will last longer than the beer at an outdoor summer concert.

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  1. […] NARS Duo eye shadow in Demon Lover- Purple and blue are great shades to have in your makeup repertoire. Two shade combos, you cant beat it. What’s great about NARS eye shadows’ is that you can make them sheer and soft, or layer and build up the intensity. For extra pop, and extra crease proof insurance, layer them over this. […]

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