Makeup DON’T: Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation

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The secret to flawless skin is a good skin care regimen appropriate for your skin type and a fabulous foundation. Foundation is the number one thing I rely on to ensure that my clients look perfect. When you want to cover any imperfections that you would rather keep to yourself, foundation is a must have. So imagine my chagrin when I see women wearing a foundation that is too light or too dark for them. The result is never flattering and the dreaded line of demarcation is there for all to see. I can only speak for myself, but instead of looking at a lovely face, my eyes zero in on this common makeup mistake. It’s easy enough to do, the seasons change and you reach for your tried and true foundation, perhaps forgetting that your skin has either gotten lighter or darker in color. Women typically tend to change a half or one full shade in the summer and winter months. In addition to forgetfulness, I think another potential culprit is women testing foundation on their hand and not on their face, where they will actually be wearing the product. Our hands vary greatly in color in comparison to our faces, often times our hands are darker.

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The only real way to ensure a perfect match of your foundation is to try it on. Swipe two to three shades on your jaw line, if you can see the color it is either too light or too dark for you. Your perfect shade will disappear into the skin without blending. Whenever possible go to a makeup counter and get matched up with a makeup artist or beauty adviser, take a peek in natural light outside to ensure it’s the correct shade. Even if you purchase your foundation from a drugstore, get matched up in a specialty or department store first, and ask for a sample of your matching shade. You can then take your sample and try to match up with your favorite drugstore formulation, most drugstores have an excellent return policy on cosmetics, be sure and keep your receipt just in case. We all have a limited amount of time to get ready, making sure that you are using the right shades of makeup for you, allows you to get out the door that much faster. Instead of struggling to make your foundation work, or playing mixologist, invest in foundations that match and blend seamlessly.

I always recommend that women keep two foundation shades on hand in their makeup kit. A color that matches them seamlessly in the winter months and a color that blends in flawlessly in the summer months. I keep a foundation on hand for when I use my self tanners, and another for when I am {lazy} pale. If you keep two different shades of foundation in your rotation you will never go without. For more posts on foundation, check out here and here.

What about you? Do you use two different shades of foundation?

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2 Responses to Makeup DON’T: Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation

  1. vonnie says:

    yes, i have my summer shade (revlon photoready in cappucino) and my winter shade (mac studio sculpt in nw43) . Nothing worse than mismatched foundation, you end up looking so crazy! lol

  2. You’re so right about this one, because people tend to try it on their hands and that can be soo tricky. I personally don’t wear foundation because I always think I look fake and my skin ends up looking too shiny. Instead, I wear a tinted moisturizer in the winter time and lots of bronzer :)
    Thanks for your tips Bre, they’re always so nice to read!

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