BreBeauty Quick Tip: Whiten Up

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A healthy white smile is something we all want. By now we know that teeth whitening strips are a great, relatively inexpensive way to achieve noticeable results in the comfort of your own home. They are quick and practically foolproof. Even better, we have a variety of options to choose from: 5 minute whitening strips for daily maintenance or those with sensitive teeth and gums, the traditional 30 minute whitening strips, and 2 hour express strips for those of us who would prefer not to wait for a whiter smile. In addition to whitening toothpastes and strips, there are some simple tricks to make the most of your teeth whitening efforts:

Prep- You want your teeth to be as clean as possible prior to using whitening strips. The strips will not adhere to teeth covered in tartar or plaque. You want the peroxide to be in direct contact with your tooth enamel. Ideally, the best time to whiten your teeth at home is after a professional cleaning at the dentist. To recreate the dentist cleaning at home, use polishing toothpaste prior to applying your strips. Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Enamel Renewal Toothpaste lifts and polishes away surface stains with a mild abrasive and foaming action.

Shape and form- When it comes to applying your teeth whitening strips don’t just slap them on and walk away. Instead, take the time to carefully apply the strips to your teeth. Ensure the proper fit and press the strips into the spaces between your teeth-where a lot of stains occur. You can use your fingers to press the strips into place between each individual tooth. This will not only help remove stains from hard to reach areas, but also ensure the best fit. This is especially key if you’re opting for the 2 hour strip variety.

Waste not- When the time is up on your strips, carefully remove and discard them. I know a lot of you may be tempted to immediately rinse and remove the excess and stuck on peroxide gel-don’t. You can take your teeth whitening one step further and brush your teeth with the leftover gel. Brushing your teeth with the remaining gel is a quick and simple trick that allows you to get more bang for your buck.

Floss- Skipping on flossing not only does a great disservice to your dental health-hello gum disease and gingivitis (said like Peter Griffin)-it’s also a missed opportunity at a whiter, brighter smile. Stains can adhere to both tartar and plaque buildup. Regular flossing removes and prevents plaque and tartar. Flossing is one of the quickest ways to a visibly whiter smile, it removes food particles and plaque that you may not be able to see and reaches into areas your toothbrush can’t. Think of flossing like running the vacuum in your house. The carpet may not look particularly dirty, but after you vacuum you can’t help but notice how much brighter it looks once the dust and dirt is removed. The same applies to your teeth and flossing! Upon using your whitening strips, floss and brush your teeth for the maximum whitening possible. Be sure and floss at least once a day.

For more on whitening your teeth at home, read Pearly Whites.

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Are you a fan of teeth whitening strips? Any tips and tricks for a healthy, white smile?

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4 Responses to BreBeauty Quick Tip: Whiten Up

  1. Courtney says:

    During your whitening process… (which is usually a week to 2 weeks?) avoid staining drinks like red wine, coffee and tea. They will inhibit you from getting the best result. I “try” to avoid those things in the first place to keep my teeth white. It’s hard though!

  2. Teri Roughen says:

    I do think the crst strips w/the 3D toothpaste really do work. Also, an electric toothbrush does get your teeth so much cleaner!

  3. Joseph Stan says:

    I agree with Courtney but would take that a step further and suggest that if you drink coffee or red wine and you want whiter teeth, I would suggest not to drink those again or you will likely end up needing to whiten again very soon.

  4. Ron Thom says:

    Thanks for the article. However, the instructions on Crest 3D Whitestrips (Professional Effects) state that you should not brush your teeth immediately before use. Do you have any basis for saying that your teeth should be cleaned before applying the strips?

    Have you heard anything about leaving the strips on longer than the recommended time limit?

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