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Our hands are always out in the open; they take a licking and keep on ticking. There is no way to hide them short of wearing gloves. Thus, well-groomed hands and nails are important. We need to give our hands, a hand if you will, some TLC, and we can’t let our nails fall by the wayside either. The stronger and healthier your nails are, the more resistant they are to breaking. Stronger nails grow better so you can wear them at any length. Every girl knows the benefits {relaxing and otherwise} of manicures, but there are also a few things you can do at home to improve the condition of your nails. Here are some solutions for some common nail problems.

Breakage- The longer your nails, the more likely they are to break or develop snags or tears. It’s important to keep your nails a reasonable length that suits you and your lifestyle. If you keep your nails uniform in shape and length, it will reduce your chances of breakage. If you are prone to breakage, try using supplements to help improve the strength of your nails. Biotin is a fantastic supplement, it won’t make your nails grow faster, but it will make them stronger. Calcium supplements can also be beneficial, without the daily recommended value, nails can become brittle and dry, thus more prone to breakage.

Hangnails- If there is anything more painfully irritating than a hangnail I don’t want to know what it is. Our cuticles are inherently dry, the skin surrounding the cuticles becomes dehydrated so it easily splits and tears. Voila, a hangnail is born. Combat the problem with lots of moisture in the form of cuticle oil. You can use it as often as you like, but aim for at least three times a day. You can use it over your nail polish, and it will help eliminate hangnails and improve the look and feel of your nails and cuticles. My favorite cuticle oil blends sweet almond oil and vitamin E to keep cuticles conditioned and soft, I like to use it at night before bed. All part and parcel with waking up stunning.

Yellowing- Nails that are as yellow as the Grinch’s eyes are not cute. When nails take on a yellow cast, it can be from a variety of causes, a common one being from dark nail polish. If you’ve passed through here before you know my affinity for dark nail polish, as seen here. I’ve never had a problem with yellow staining because I always wear a basecoat. Applying a basecoat first prevents staining from the nail polish pigments, that and it almost guarantees a longer lasting manicure. One of my favorites for the job is CND’s Stickey Base Coat. If you didn’t use a basecoat and your nails are yellow, try soaking them in a container of warm water with a denture cleaning tablet. The denture cleaner will oxidize and help whiten your nails, removing the yellow stains. You can also try a mixture of fresh lemon juice and my beloved baking soda to eradicate nail staining. If your nails are yellow and thick, and they don’t respond to the aforementioned nail soaks, you most likely have a fungal infection and you should see your dermatologist.

What are some of your favorite nail care products?

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