Try It Buy It It: NARS Blush in Douceur

In this post I review NARS Blush in Douceur.

While shopping with fabulous friends this past weekend I gave myself a shopping list. It was fairly conservative all things considered {all things considered}. I was a woman on a mission.  I had to duck into Neiman Marcus to check out the new NARS blush for the fall 2010 collection. If you tuned into the Emmys you saw it on Lea Michele, Keri Russell, Joan Allen, and Julie Benz. All these gorgeous girls were wearing Douceur blush.

Even the name has me smitten, Douceur. Douceur is French for softness, how sweet is that? NARS takes it one step further with their dreamy description, describing it as a “soft pink-brown hue that imparts a honeyed brown kiss of innocence on cheeks.” Douceur is a matte, neutral brown based pink. It is a lot sheerer than the usual NARS blush, and it doesn’t really build up like most of their blushes. I like that it gives the skin a subtle lift and glow. My loyal readers know that I love me a NARS blush. It reminds me of M.A.C.’s Blushbaby but I love the formula and texture a million times more. I will definitely be using this on my brides who are fearful of blush or who just need a little flush of color. I plan on layering it with other NARS blushes, like Desire and Nico. I’m particularly excited to use this on a fair skinned client. Be sure to try it on in person as it may not give a lift to medium to dark skin tones. If you do fall in love, do stock up as it is a limited edition. This is also the first blush to have the NARS logo laser etched in the product. It was almost too pretty to use…almost.

Have you tried NARS Douceur blush yet?

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4 Responses to Try It Buy It It: NARS Blush in Douceur

  1. I wear Nars blush every day. I love this new shade! So pretty. Might have to get it for myself. :)

  2. Breanna says:

    You not only have flawless taste when it comes to houses and interior design, but you also have impeccable taste when it comes to fabulous blushes! Could you be anymore lovely? Thank you for the comments, and please do try the latest blush!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I tried it and I LOVED it! A great blush/brozer for my fair skin. Keep those product recommendations coming :)

  4. […] nose, and neck as well. Smile to find the round, fleshy, apple of your cheeks and apply your Douceur blush, blending softly up into the hairline for a natural flush. Apply the highlighting powder from the […]

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