Oil Slick

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The BP oil spill wasn’t the only disaster this summer. It was one of the hottest summers in years and that meant two things in the looks department: frizzy, poufy hair and shiny, greasy skin. People who never dealt with oil issues before encountered what many often deal with everyday, oily skin. With summer now officially behind us {hello there gorgeous autumn} our skin will begin to regulate itself and return back to normal. For those of us who suffer from oily skin I have some words of wisdom for you and fantastic products to help you deal and make you glowing, not greasy.


Avoid over washing your face. I know it’s tempting; you look into the mirror and see that you’re looking {extra} dewy, so you want to start over by washing your face again. Please stick to washing your face every AM and PM and after you work out to prevent breakouts. If you over wash you will excite your sebaceous {oil} glands and cause them to pump out more oil.

Avoid harsh, drying products. The same rule applies here, if you deprive your skin of moisture it will work to correct the problem to keep skin moist and lubricated i.e. produce more oil. Use soothing, and clarifying products to help regulate oil production. And kittens, whatever you do, do NOT use this.


Try a mattifying product. A mattifier helps to absorb and disperse excess oil. It’s truly a revolutionary product and can be life changing for those who are troubled by oily skin. You can use them by themselves or have them act as a primer under makeup. They’re clear so your guy can use them too. I use them on my grooms and fathers of the bride in weddings so the camera doesn’t magnify their t-zone shine in photographs, with their manliness intact I can assure you. Two of my favorite products for such a purpose are from Dermalogica. This should come as no surprise, as I am obsessed with their products because they really deliver and give you significant results. Simply put, you must try their MediBac Clearing Mattifier and Oil Control Lotion. Use them alone, use them together, just use them and you will love the difference they make.

Try a blot powder. M.A.C.’s Blot Powder is a staple in my kit; I literally won’t leave home without it. The product is revolutionary {and is patented with 3M technology, meow} because it never cakes up or builds up no matter how many times you apply it. This may not get you all jazzed, but as a makeup artist, that is a big deal. We’ve all seen cakey, overdone makeup before, not with this gem of a powder. Another added bonus is that it’s only 2% pigmented, it doesn’t give you coverage it just works to set your foundation and absorb oil and shine throughout the day for touch ups. Love it.

Try oil blotting papers. You may be thinking done and done {and duh there Bre} but look at your existing oil blotting sheets. Turn them over and read the ingredient list, if oil is listed anywhere in the list throw them away. I don’t want to name names *cough cough* Clean & Clear, but you don’t want to be adding more oil to your face when you’re looking to achieve a matte look. I use lots of blotting papers on myself and in my kit, but I always come back to Boscia’s Blotting Linens. They come in a variety of scents for you to choose from {I’m partial to the rose and green tea and I’m itching to try the peppermint}. These fantastic papers absorb oil and shine without disrupting your makeup. They are a godsend for anyone with an oily t-zone and a must for every one of my brides.

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  1. Jenny says:

    This summer was HORRIFIC. My face melted off whenever I went outside. It was pointless even trying to look good.

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