Open Your Mouth and Say Spaaaaa

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Forget Calgon taking me away. Take me to the spa! Going to the spa is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have short of taking a vacation. It’s a lot cheaper and it can be a calming experience and also provide you with immediate {sometimes visual} benefits, depending on what service you select. For instance, massages not only feel wonderful, but they will elevate your mood, decrease pain and discomfort, and help boost your immunity as well {and lots more, for more info read here}. Facials are great for deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, skin is left glowing and fresh after a good facial. Nothing beats a manicure or pedicure, and spa ones are even more indulgent.

When I started at esthetician school, I was surprised {ok, shocked} to discover that I was the only person in the class who had ever had a spa service. I still don’t know how someone could want to start a career in the spa industry without ever having experienced a waxing, facial, or a massage. I was extremely fortunate to have a mother who believes in the importance of good skin care. As such, my spa visits started early, at the age of eleven. My mother wanted me to learn the importance of a daily skin care regimen at an early age and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Little did she know that her wanting me to take proper care of my skin and avoid acne would help spark my future career. To that end, I try and get regular monthly facials. I look at them as not only scheduled times of relaxation, but as routine maintenance as well. I also like to treat myself to spa services as rewards for good behavior i.e. working out and turning down dessert {I also deserve a medal for this remarkable feat}. If you have never had a spa treatment, and you’re not sure where to start, I definitely recommend treating yourself to a facial or a massage. I know these services can be pricey, and you may feel guilty about spending the money on yourself {knock that off!}. But, I promise, you will leave feeling renewed and refreshed, and you can’t put a price on that. Not to go all L’Oreal on you, but you are worth it.

If you are an existing spa fan, like me, what is your favorite service? Any service you’d like to try?

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  1. ViCreative says:

    I desperately need a massage! I’m so stressed out!

    (new post: BV shootings & follow me)

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