{Image from my "Black and White Wedding" board}

As my family and friends can attest, I have a lot of magazines. So many that every time I move I risk my relationships with the sheer volume of magazines I insist on moving with me (“They’re not THAT heavy!”). In an effort to compromise, I rip out images and create binders of endless inspiration, which quickly takes up space and becomes a collector of dust. Embracing technology, I create folders on my computer of fashion, makeup, and wedding inspiration, but this also takes up valuable storage space. What’s a girl to do? Pinterest!

Pinterest, is a fun incredibly addicting way to create inspiration boards and keep them organized and curated. You can also “follow” and mention people and “like” and “repin” their images onto your own boards. I imagine it would be an invaluable tool for planning a wedding as it allows you to discover what you are drawn to and help you identify reoccurring themes. I recently started and you can see and follow all my boards here. To join this free community simply request an invite and you will be “pinning” in no time.

{Image from my "Black and White Wedding" board}

{Image from my "Lovely Locks" board}

{Image from my "Pretty Little Things" board}

{Image from "My Pretty Little Things" board}

{Image from my "Lovely Locks" board}

{Image from my "Stealing Beauty" board}

{Image from my "Stealing Beauty" board}

Are you on Pinterest?

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3 Responses to Pinterest

  1. Teri Roughen says:

    I know. I love Pinterest so much. I could spend hours there.

  2. Danielle says:

    Love it! I spend wayyyyyyyyyyy too much time stalking pinterest. I need to get my own.

  3. KARA says:

    I love Pinterest, much like yourself I have a magazine addiction I mean love and also make binders so Pinterest is fab for me. Pure heaven, especially when up on night feeds with the baby x

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