Q & A with BB: The Art of Shaving

Q. My boyfriend has to shave his face for work every day, and he deals with razor burn as a result. He used to use prescribed medicine for it, but that is no longer an option. Is there a daily cleanser for men that will help reduce irritation and cleanse his face? Do you have any more tips on how to take care of a man’s face? Thanks, Katie.

A. Thanks for the question Katie. Daily shaving is a drag, and very irritating for both the sexes. If your boyfriend absolutely MUST shave every day, he needs to do it properly and with the right tools and products for the job, allow me to explain.

1. Invest in a good razor- Whether your boyfriend prefers a wet or dry shave, he needs to use an appropriate, high quality razor as he shaves so frequently. He may even have success alternating his methods of shaving, dry one day, wet the next. For a wet shave, many men prefer a razor with multiple blades. However, this could prove to be irritating to the skin and could be overkill. Some men prefer a disposable blade with conditioning strips, while others prefer an aluminum razor without conditioning strips. This may call for some trial and error on your boyfriend’s part. Explore your options, as everyone’s skin and preferences are different. If you decide on disposable razors, make sure you replace them frequently. I recommend changing to a new razor blade every other shave  or if you wait longer, wipe the blade down with rubbing alcohol in between uses {that goes for you too ladies} to prevent the spread of bacteria. No matter which razor you choose, be sure to store it in a dry cabinet when not in use.

2. Shave after a shower- Men need to shave upon showering, so that the hair and skin is moist and plumped up from the heat and steam. Shaving after a shower is much easier on the skin, and will allow for a closer, less irritating shave. Cleanse in the shower with a gentle cleanser, like this one, and shave at the sink. If your boyfriend is not showering before a shave, make sure he takes the time to wet a towel with hot water and apply it to his clean face carefully to help plump up the hair follicles. Shaving is an exfoliation in and of itself, and especially so when doing it daily. I recommend that your boyfriend uses a granular scrub once a week {preferably on a day when he does not have to work/shave} to remove dead skin cells and help him achieve a closer shave. Don’t forget about this cost effective option, as seen here.

3. Use a shaving cream or oil- I know men are not often gentle when it comes to their skin, but wet shaving requires a buffer to prevent razor burn. Soap is simply not an option, especially when shaving so frequently. A shaving cream, gel, or oil will provide the razor enough slip to glide over the skin without needless {and painful} pulling or tugging and the use of these products is nonnegotiable. For a wet shave, an old fashioned shaving brush may work wonders, as the bristles help lift the hair up for a closer {less irritating} shave.

4. Soothe and moisturize- To help reduce inflammation and irritation from shaving you have to moisturize immediately after. I know some men want to pull a Kevin McAllister, as seen here,  and “feel the burn” but now is not the time for alcohol based products. You want to reach for soothing, alcohol-free products to help calm the skin. Moisturization is a must for everyone and lots of men products now do double duty, you can try this and this.

5. Seek a la carte relief- If you follow all my advice and still find that your skin is irritated reach for a comforting glass of ice cold milk. Dip a clean washcloth into cold, whole milk and make a compress to take the burn out of shaving. The lactic acid will help to calm the skin, and the cold will instantly take down pain and swelling. You can do this remedy as often as needed. There are always innovative products emerging in men’s skin care and this pre-shave guard is incredibly effective, as well as this overnight treatment that will make the hair easier to remove and help slow hair growth. If ingrown hairs are dragging you down you can try Tend Skin, an amazing product that treats those unsightly {and often painful} clogged hair follicles. Bacteria on the skin can create a whole host of problems, that’s why cleansing the skin before shaving is a prerequisite and wiping down your razor blades with rubbing alcohol a must. Your boyfriend can also use Neosporin, a topical antibiotic ointment, after he shaves, or, he can use Neosporin as his shaving lubricant.

I hope my advice helps your boyfriend with his shaving woes. Let me know how he makes out. Thank you for the question and be sure to keep them coming!

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