Relay for Life

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Today I will be attending our local (Bloomsburg, PA) and annual Relay for Life. If you are not familiar, it is a 24 hour walk benefiting the American Cancer Society. You can learn more here. It is an event that is near and dear to my heart as my mother, aunt, and late grandmother are all survivors of breast cancer. It’s a wonderful fundraising event filled with laughter and happiness and tears for those we have loved and lost. If you have never attended a Relay for Life I urge you to do so. Especially for the luminary service at night. The luminaries illuminate the track, each luminary is in honor or in memory of someone with cancer.

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I hope and pray for a cure in our lifetime and the Relay for Life is one way that we can all help and take up the fight against cancer. If you would like to donate to your local Relay for Life event you can do so here.

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The American Cancer Society Relay for Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day-cancer will be eliminated.

Have you ever participated in the Relay for Life? Would you ever join a team?

Have a great Relay weekend everyone!

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  1. Erin says:

    I love this post, and the Relay for Life. I did the walk last year, and it is such an uplifting experience for a great cause!


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