Shake it UP

Today, I’m throwing down a challenge. You know that item of makeup you’re always using? The one that always looks good? Never lets you down? Yeah, that one. Chuck it! Today, I’m forcing you to get creative, get out of your makeup rut (you know you’re in one) and try something NEW. I know it’s scary, but what’s the worst that could happen? You look like Mimi from Drew Carey and you have to wash your face? Boo frickin’ hoo. Fortune favors the brave my friends. Besides, you may end up with a new fail-proof fave!

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2 Responses to Shake it UP

  1. andrea says:

    ha ha guilty as charged for me it’s a certain pallette of eyeshadows i use day and night haven’t used a different pallet on my eyes for years…challenge accepted i think i need to refresh my make up bag.

  2. Claire says:

    There’s no way on earth I could EVER chuck out my MAC Studio Line.

    I Luv it too much lol

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