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Every Christmas I can count on two certainties. One, I will bake and subsequently eat entirely too many cookies. Two, I will buy my mother yet another new signature fragrance to put under the tree. This of course implies that she has more than one signature fragrance, and she does. She has several-and she’s always on the hunt for more. I personally subscribe to the belief that your perfume or cologne is part of your identity. People identify you with your fragrance whether you’re aware of it or not. I associate my friends and family with their signature scents as they do with me. My friends, upon getting into my Jeep, are continuously telling me that my car, “smells like me.” I have been pretty loyal to my favorite fragrance for a number of years. Whereas, my mother is constantly complimenting people on their choice of perfume and immediately requests the name and brand. For some reason, I find this exchange a bit rude, like she’s stealing their identities! I had once read in an Allure article about personal fragrance and learned that the French hold their eau de parfum in high regard. So much so that they keep their signature brand their own personal secret. The next time someone inquires about my signature fragrance? I plead the French.

What do you think? Is it identity theft to covet another’s perfume, or is it fair game? Are you loyal to a fragrance, or do you shop around?

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  1. My mum is also crazy about perfumes… i think this year will it be Body by Burberry for her :) When it comes to identity and fragances im not really that picky… which i guess it is because my choices are not so common, but i know what you mean. I don’t mind if someone asks me or wants to buy my perfume, but id prefer if that person is not someone i have to see very often.

    I’m partly loyal to my perfumes. I normally use around three depending on the day or the occasion and i repurchase a fragrance until i get tired of it (maybe 2-3 times). I know you didn’t asked, but right now i’m liking a lot Chrystalline by Bulgari and Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela :)

  2. I’m devoutly loyal to my signatures, but I still like to try new scents all the time as well – which means that my Xmas wish list for bottles of perfume grows by the year:)

    I wear Penhaligon’s Bluebell everyday, and have for close to 10 years, and like Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue for slightly more formal do’s. Clearly a blue theme going on!

  3. Teri Roughen says:

    That is too cute. I have my own signature fragrance, but have in the past tried to incorporate other’s, simply because I always think they smell better. But, it’s just that their fragrance smells good on them, and mine does on me. Grass greener syndrome I guess. Teri

  4. i will be loyal to a scent for a period of time and then move on. right now it is Miss Dior Cherie. I’m down for sharing what fragrances are great because it may smell different on people based on their chemistry…and hey, unless i’m making it in my kitchen sink, i’m sure they could have found it anyway

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