Smoking Is Dumb

Want to age yourself even faster? Then keep on smoking. Cigarettes, like tanning, are one of the quickest ways to age yourself. You know cigarettes are bad for you. You know they are deadly. In the words of Chris Rock, “Cigarettes are so dangerous they kill people that don’t smoke!” OK, I paraphrased and removed the expletives but you know what he said. I’m not here to preach to you, but nothing good comes from cigarettes. As an esthetician, I can always tell a smoker from a mile away. The skin is dry, tight, crepey, creased and lined. The perioral lines, the lines and wrinkles around the mouth, are a sure sign. The grayish oxygen starved tint is a dead giveaway. Here are the facts: cigarettes destroy collagen and elastin. They also reduce estrogen levels, which are necessary to keep skin firm. Studies have shown that for every decade you smoke, you tack on a perceived 2.5 years to your age. So, not only are you actually aging yourself faster, but people perceive you to be older than you are. That is a lose/lose if there ever was one. You may be thinking you’re in the clear, that you are only a social smoker, or you take great care of your skin otherwise. False. All the retinols and topical antioxidants in the world are not going to help you when you have a veritable free radical cloud around you. Visit here so you can quit smoking once and for all.

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  1. Elle Sees says:


  2. fashion desires says:

    Yes I must say if u want to age faster smoking is the way to go. And smelling like it is a great way to smell… not. I’m glad u posted about this.

  3. Well said. Thanks for telling it like it is & reminding all of us to put our health (and skin) first!

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