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When I first started this blog, my intention was to share my knowledge and experience with all things related to skincare and makeup.  As a makeup artist and esthetician, my hope is that my blog is a one stop shop for all your questions and skin issues. A database, if you will, of advice, tips, and tricks. Bearing that in mind, I know that you, my readers, are intelligent and skin savvy and have skincare tips and good advice of your very own. I asked some readers to share their best skincare tips and this is what they had to say:

Exercise! It boosts circulation, makes you sweat (pushing out toxins), improves muscle and skin tone, and leaves you glowing and ready to take on the world! –Sammi

I take my vitamins, supplements, and antioxidants religiously. I think good skincare starts from within. It makes my hair and nails thick and shiny too! –Maggie

I swear by using an eye cream. I am all about prevention; I don’t want my fine lines to turn into deep wrinkles. I don’t want little things to turn into big problems. I moisturize every day, use an SPF, and always use a rich, thick eye cream at night. –Taylor

No sun. No smoking. Cut down on refined and processed foods and sugars. Exercise. Moisturize. Wear SPF every day. –Zoe

Never go to sleep with your makeup on! Remove all your makeup at night; sleep on your back as much as possible. If not, use a satin pillowcase to avoid waking up with creases in your skin. These creases can turn into wrinkles overtime. Sleep is my beauty secret. –Liz

I try and limit alcohol and junk food. I can tell by looking at my skin when I have overindulged in both. I drink water like it’s my job to stay hydrated and flush out toxins and impurities. I add cut up fruit to make it more appetizing and me more likely to drink it.–Emily

I exfoliate regularly with my Clarisonic. I notice a difference in the look and feel of my skin since I started using it. My skin is more even, my pores look smaller, my skin feels soft, and my makeup goes on much more smoothly. I swear by it! –Brenda

I love a good tan as much as the next girl, but I know better now. Self tanner keeps my skin glowing and tan, and my sunscreen keeps my skin healthy and protected. There are so many self tanners on the market; there is no need to lay out and fry or worse-pay to damage my skin. –Laura

I avoid stress like the plague. I practice yoga and meditate to keep me centered and balanced. Yoga keeps me strong and calm. I laugh with my friends-and at myself. I try and thoroughly enjoy my life. I think stress-and all its negative effects, is evident on our skin. Stress prematurely ages you. – Jessica

Juicing ensures that I get all my nutrients every day. I have been juicing for years and I can see the glow and vitality I get from my fruits and veggies. I feel great. When you feel good you look good! –Karen

What about you? Leave your best skincare tip below in a comment. We can all learn from one another!

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5 Responses to Sound Advice

  1. Teri Roughen says:

    Whether you are in your teens, twenties, or older WEAR A HAT in the outdoors. Sunscreen has limited protection. While it is great to always apply it won’t stop you from getting sunspots. I have hats sprinkled all over my house, car, yard, so I can grab one and go!

  2. Kelly Q says:

    Eating the right “fats” helps keep the integrity of your cells. The stronger your cell walls, then the firmer your skin will be and less wrinkles. If you avoid “good fats” at all costs, it will cause sagging and wrinkled skin when you get older. So not shying away from fats is a good way to keep the shape of your face and helps battle cellulite! I eat plenty of avocado, good grass-fed butter, good olive oil, plenty of fish with the skin, bone marrow, etc…

  3. rebecca says:

    great tips and reminders. love this post. thanks!

  4. Like some of the others have mentioned, I’m pretty religious about avoiding the sun on my pale, Irish skin. Friends used to mock me for searching out the shade while they were lying in the sun, but they don’t any more! We’ve all hit an age where we’re thinking about hats and SPF now. :)

    Fun topic, Bre! It’s interesting to hear what everyone has to say.

  5. jasna says:

    I pretty much do what everyone suggested, except I need to take my vitamins more often. These are good tips though and a very inspiring post- loved it! Have a lovely Sunday xx

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