Super Bowl XLV Under Review

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I’m not really a big sports fan. While my boyfriend is enraptured by a football game, I can typically be found sitting reading magazines. I do sometimes, however, tune in and become how do I say this? Animated and emotionally invested. Last night’s Super Bowl was no exception. Hailing from PA, I did want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers win. Admittedly, I don’t understand a lot but I can yell angrily with the best of them. Like many viewers, I also tuned in for the commercials and musical performances. To that end, what did you think of the performers?

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{Christina Aguilera image from}

I think we can all agree on Christina’s “fumble” of a performance. Not sure if I loved her makeup, I think Christina may be one of those clients who insist on doing things her way, perhaps, against the advisement of her makeup artist.

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{Lea Michele image from}

I loved Lea Michele’s performance of America The Beautiful, of course I’m a total GLEEK, but she can really sing! I loved her soft hair and makeup, reminds me of the look she chose for the SAG Awards.

Whose makeup did you like, Christina’s or Lea’s? What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? What did you think of the half time performances? Who were you cheering for in the big game?

P.S. If any of you had buffalo chicken dip please know that I am exceedingly jealous.

P.P.S. If you want to see how animated I got last night, you can check out my Twitter.

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4 Responses to Super Bowl XLV Under Review

  1. KiKi says:

    I’m a GLEEk as well, but I wasn’t thrilled with Lea’s performance. I liked her makeup, but I’m into the more traditional versions of the patriotic songs.
    As far as Christina– the bold red lips on her is overdone. It’s fun occasionally, but all the time is too much, just like her ‘fumble’ — in my mind, nothing compares to Whitney in ’91

  2. Lea all the way…. Christina is totally talented too but the whole “i’m a diva” attitude gets a little old after a while. At the end of the day we all love to cheer someone on who seems a little more down to earth and approachable. That goes for fashion and make up too! Unless your GaGa or Rihanna, I’m always for ‘less is more’!

    xx tash

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  4. Lovely Links says:

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