The Perfect Frame

Ladies. Put down the tweezers and back away from the mirror. Yes, I’m talking to you. Over tweezed eyebrows have become all too common and it’s NOT good. A tadpole shape is NOT cute, no clue where this bizarre, unflattering trend is coming from (I blame Rock of Love). Stick to your natural shape, anytime you deviate too far from that it looks unnatural. If you have Brooke Shields’ eyebrows embrace it. I’m all for routine maintenance and making sure you have a nice arch, but you can have an arch without going crazy with the Tweezerman. If you’re having issues, or want to change your shape, enlist the help of a licensed esthetician. Make sure you are comfortable with the shape and you both agree before the wax is ever near your face, take a celebrities picture if that helps you convey what it is you want. They are your brows, speak up.  Bottom line, don’t follow trends when it comes to brows, find a shape that works best for YOU.  Brows truly are the frame for your eye, they can make or break you. If you need help or advice on your eyebrows, leave me a comment, I’m here to help.

P.S. Don’t get your eyebrows waxed if you are in a hurry. I have a dear friend who can attest to this. Great brows take a little time. But, they are well worth the investment.

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  1. Katie says:

    A dear friend ehh hahaha well world, it was ME who went and got them done in a hurry…but Bre is helping me along the way to regrowth — and trust me, it’s NOT pretty! I literally have a forest on my forehead for proof. Nail salon’s and fast-shop hair stops are NOT the place to go! Ask Bre how Rogaine can work wonders on a woman’s face! =)

    Sunshine and seahorses,
    ME <3

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