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While I was in esthetician school I had this older instructor. Let’s call her Miss Swan {not to be confused with this one}. She was not the friendliest woman, with a flair for intimidating her young students with her curt answers and dour expressions. When it came to waxing and tweezing she would correct anyone who referred to it as plucking. “You pluck a chicken, you tweeze an eyebrow.” Unfortunately the saying stuck {damn my steel trap brain concerning anything beauty related}. Personally, I don’t care if you call it plucking or tweezing, just as long as you do it and don’t go overboard.

Brows are the frame for your eyes and I know the significant impact they can have on your entire look as seen here. The best tweezer for the job is Tweezerman and if you don’t already have one what are you waiting for? They come in the cutest colors and they’re so precise and sharp they will snag even the finest of hairs. Plus, the good people at Tweezerman will sharpen your tweezers for free; you can read more about their generous policy here.

A tip for keeping your tweezers like new: Don’t store them just anywhere. If you toss them in your makeup bag they will become dented and lose that all important shape. If you’ve already chucked the storage container they came in, you can store them in a wine cork. This will allow them to keep their alignment and preserve their fine point. Happy plucking, er, tweezing girls!

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Today I’m guest posting for the fabulous and funny Lisi over at The Beauty File while she spends time with the handsome new man in her life, her adorable son Charlie. Be sure and check it out! xoB

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