Beauty Comes from the Inside…of a Pill

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We all know that we are what we eat, as previously mentioned here. But sometimes it’s hard to eat the way we should. We all lead busy lives and that leaves us with limited time to eat clean, fresh, whole foods {we know GOOP Gwyneth but sometimes you want Oreos}. Some days it will be a processed or prepackaged meal. What’s a busy girl to do? Invest in a good multivitamin appropriate for your age and round it out with additional supplements to give you healthy hair, skin, and nails {actually the name of a great supplement to help you achieve just that}. In an ideal world we would get all the nutrients we need from our diet, but vitamins and supplements are great little insurance policies to help fill in the gaps. Here are some great supplements so you can stay beautiful:

Pomegranate extract supplement-Boost your sunscreens efficacy with this powerhouse. It can enhance skin’s sun-protective properties by 25 percent.

Biotin- A B-vitamin complex and a nutrient for all your beauty needs. Biotin is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Fish oil- Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation and can help with eczema and other dry skin issues. They work to improve skin barrier function, i.e. bad stuff out, good stuff in. They also help you lose weight more quickly when coupled with diet and exercise.

Coenzyme Q10- You’ve seen this in anti-aging creams, it also works when taken orally. It helps your skin repair itself, and protect from free radical damage. Thus, it helps you achieve younger looking skin. A note of caution, Coenzyme Q10 can be very energizing, I personally wouldn’t take it before bedtime as it’s the equivalent of a cup of coffee.

Vitamin C- This antioxidant is crucial for the creation of collagen to help keep your skin smooth and taut. Get some Emergen-C packets or drink your juice Shelby.

Evening Primrose Oil- This fatty acid can help alleviate eczema by helping your skin hold onto water for much needed moisture. Bonus, it can help with PMS symptoms.

Zinc- Using zinc topically and taking it orally has shown some potential in preventing and alleviating the inflammation and scarring associated with acne. Zinc may reduce the amount of sebum produced in the skin.

Vitamin E- This antioxidant is powerful in the fight against free radical damage and oxidative stress. It also provides superior support for cardiovascular health. The only Vitamin E that has demonstrated value in pill form is gamma-tocopherol.

Note: The FDA and FTC regulate supplements but only to a point. Always check with your doctor before trying new vitamins or supplements as they may interfere with your medications or health, and especially if you are pregnant, nursing or having surgery. Discuss all your medications and vitamins with your doctor at every visit.

What supplements do you take for the health of your skin?

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11 Responses to Beauty Comes from the Inside…of a Pill

  1. amyg says:

    Love the reference to Steel Magnolias! I agree with the omega3 fish oil, there is also a vegan option at whole foods too! I will try the others for sure!

  2. Diana Leighow says:

    I have mild eczema which flares up in the winter. I’m definately gonna start taking fish oil and will get a hold of some Evening Primrose Oil to help too. Thanks so much for the info Bre!!!!!

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  7. SUPER Foods says:

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  8. Fresh Hair says:

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  10. Jeanette says:

    Fish oil also helps with acne. After years of struggling with acne I started taking fish oil supplements and it cured it. To test my theory I stopped taking them for a while and my acne returned.

  11. monique says:

    Do you take these at the same time ?

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