Bridal Beauty- The Reception

Every bride wants their day to go perfectly.  I’ve yet to meet a bride that didn’t want to achieve and fully realize the day they’ve been dreaming about ever since they were a little girl. When they used to wear their mother’s lace curtains pretending it was a veil. No? Just me? A wedding is an amazing event in one’s life and there is so much involved, so much planning. Hiring professionals to help you get ready the day of is just one way to ensure the day goes off without a hitch (I love wedding puns).

When I do makeup for a wedding I always recommend two things for touch ups: M.A.C.’s Blot Powder or Boscia’s Blotting Linens, and lipstick or lipgloss. Weddings are long events, you want to make sure you are camera prepared and ready for your close up. Here are a few of my favorite wedding makeup must have products that I never work without and that always make for a beautiful picture:

NARS Primer- I love this primer because I can use it on all skin types. It’s a gel cream that is instantly absorbed into the skin. This primer helps anything I put on top of it last the entire day. It acts as a barrier for oil and perspiration and keeps the face looking fresh.

M.A.C. Power Point Eye Pencil in Engraved- When it comes to wedding makeup, eye liner is a non-negotiable. It is the best way to make your eyes stand out. A thin line of black pencil on the upper lash line looks great on everyone. This waterproof pencil glides on smoothly, it never tugs or drags, and it has some “play time” before it sets. And lasts. All. Day.

NARS Bronzer in Laguna- My loyal readers already know how much I love this bronzer. It truly looks good on everyone. It warms up the skin, with just a little bit of golden shimmer, which imparts a natural glow on everyone from the bride to the grandmother of the bride. If the bride is wearing an open neckline, I use it to warm up the neck and chest as well. It’s perfect for helping to combat the flash from the camera and making everyone look radiant. If your skin tone is darker, you have to try NARS bronzer in Casino.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream- When you’re the bride, and it’s your special day, what are people looking at? You. And your ring. Your ring will also be a main attraction. You want to make sure your hands and nails look impeccably manicured. So pamper yourself and your wedding party with manicures and use this fantastic cream to maintain. This treatment cream is amazing. It moisturizes without a greasy after feel, and it helps fade age spots over time. It even helps soften cuticles and whiten your nails, all with a light fresh scent that Clarins is known for. It’s on the pricier side for a hand cream but it’s definitely worth the investment and it’s perfect for your wedding day. From showing off your ring, to cutting the cake, and waving goodbye, your hands will be in a lot of pictures this hand cream makes them ready for their close up.

NARS Blush in any shade- These highly pigmented blushes are incredible. Some of the shades can look very bright in the container, but they create the prettiest natural flush once they are on the skin. The color range is fantastic, NARS is the only blush I use. I often use two blushes when I do wedding makeup. I apply a neutral shade on the apples of the cheeks, blending up into the hairline. Then I apply a brighter shade on just the apples of the cheeks to give them an extra pop of color, blending the two together. Layering products always increases makeup longevity. I love using Madly as the neutral shade, and Desire as the brighter shade.

I always recommend appointing the maid of honor, or most makeup minded member of the bridal party, in charge of the bride’s makeup once I leave. She will keep an eye on her and let her know if she’s getting shiny in the t-zone and needs some Blot Powder or  if she needs lipgloss for the first dance. A good touch up emergency bag will include the following items: q-tips, hairspray, baby powder, deodorant, perfume, gum or mints, bobby pins, eye drops, tissues, lipgloss, blotting sheets or blot powder, and hand cream.

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