Your Makeup Artist Should Be Fired: Uma Thurman

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Powdered nose pictures. We’ve all seen them. Uma is just the latest to receive this type of embarrassing and negative press; we’ve also seen it here and here. Why did this happen to these talented and accomplished actresses? Short answer: laziness. Their makeup artists took the easy route and their clients paid the price. What these makeup artists did was they took some loose powder {poor quality powder judging by the looks of it} and used it under their clients’ eyes as a ledge. This powder ledge was to act as a barrier and catch all for any eye shadow that may fall down when doing their eye makeup. Then the powder, and any eye shadow particles, are brushed away to prevent smearing and ruining the foundation and other face makeup. I never use this practice when working with clients, as I find it too risky. It could smear, it could ruin what I’ve already done, and it could look like a hot mess in pictures. Not on my watch. When I do makeup, I do the eye makeup first. I honestly don’t understand how women {and makeup artists alike} could do it any other way. Once I’ve completed the eyes, I clean up with makeup remover wipes, removing any eye shadow that may have fallen down onto the face. After that I proceed with foundation, powder, bronzer and blush. This way I never have to worry about my clients’ makeup being disturbed, resulting in their face looking dirty or bruised {as is the case with smoky eye makeup looks} and I don’t have to be concerned with excess powder being picked up by the camera. Selecting the correct powder is crucial for pictures, as evidenced by the photo above. When doing makeup for camera you can never skimp on quality, that’s why I only use professional products that photograph beautifully every time. The high powered cameras used today pick up on everything, that’s why having your makeup professionally done for special occasions and events is imperative. Planning ahead and using high quality products will ensure a picture perfect result every time. Failing to do so? Unacceptable in my book. That is why Uma Thurman’s makeup artist should be fired.

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2 Responses to Your Makeup Artist Should Be Fired: Uma Thurman

  1. Oh, my. That’s bad. Really bad! I’m feeling sorry for her. I agree–call Donald Trump in and fire the person who did that to her!

  2. The Lil Bee says:

    For a woman that really doesn’t even need makeup, that is BAD!! Poor thing, how embarrassing. I remember when a similar photo of Nicole Kidman popped up. BTW I’ve always done eye makeup last, mainly because I have to decide if I’m going to complete my look or just go nude. I rarely wear eye makeup because I have eyelashes galore…which is wonderful when dressing up, but a nuisance when I’m just going about my daily routine and go to rub my eyes and end up looking like Rocky Raccoon. I’m going to remember this tip for the next time I know I’m wearing it though;) xx

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